Below are some of our animals currently available for adoption

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Animal Adoption

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Violet & Poppet

Two very special girls needing a home together. Had a rough start in live and will need to be indoor cats. More info on enquiry. 


This young man is coming up 2 years of age, had a rough start but he's an absolute smooch.


Torti girl, super sweet and coming out of her shell... will need a kind understanding home.


Soft and sweet just like a pair of mittens. Get in touch with TAPT and maybe we can be friends. 


I am super cuddly once I've learnt that I can trust you.


Hello! I'm Sweep! I love scratches and cuddles. If you try to stop patting me then I will sit as close to you as I can until you scratch me some more. 


I am going to need a bit extra rehabilitation but I would prefer to do that in my new quiet home.


What can we say about Olive?  She's gorgeous and would be oh so grateful for a furever home with you.


A beautiful and quiet young lady ready for snuggles and a forever home. Could that be you? 


I will always be at your feet when you try to move around the house. It's how I show you how much I love you


Who said black cats are bad luck? Not me! I will be your lucky charm just watch me. 


Shy at first but super playful, handsome little boy. I'd love to join your home. 


This beautiful tabby girl might be a bit shy at the start but loves her rubs. Fine with other cats and kids but would prefer a quiet home. Wouldn't you? 


Wait until we get to know each other - I'll be your best friend in the whole world. 


I'm Tina, Milly's mum. I'm a little timid at the start but will soon love you lots. 



I love to give good smooches 


With time I'm going to be your best friend!


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