Below are some of our animals currently available for adoption

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Animal Adoption

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Maria ~ 6 1/2 Months ~ Female


Raine ~ 16 Weeks ~ Female

Fully Vaccinated


Shadow ~ 3 Years ~ Male


aka GrauGrau ~ 9 Months ~ Female

Independent. Loves outdoors, but comes back inside frequently to make sure I'm still here. Knows her name and comes when called


9 Months ~ Male


Ivy ~ 1 Year ~ Female

Chilli Beans

Chilly Beans ~ 2 Years ~ Male

Smoochy and affectionate


Tisa ~ 7 Months ~ Female

Timid, suit quiet home

Hawk & Sparrow

9 Weeks ~ Male

These two are such cuddly, affectionate babies. They are 9 weeks old and keen to find their people Hawk is the more outgoing one and loves to be around people and on people! Loves his snuggles. Sparrow is also very friendly and loves attention. They are both super playful and easygoing kitties. Litter box trained and eating well. They will settle into any type of home.


4 Months ~ Female


Male ~ 6.5 Months

Quite small, active, likes food a lot!!


6.5 Months ~ Female

Very sweet. Quite small. Can be active, loves cuddles


5 Months ~ Male


7 Months ~ Male


Ayala ~ 1-2 years ~ Female

Chucky & Midnight

7-8 Months ~ Male

Can be timid at first, especially Midnight but once settled in are beautiful kitties. Chucky loves his food and is such a smooch, and Midnight loves cuddles on the bed at night


7 Months ~ Male

This handsome good boy is a 7 months old desexed male, slightly long haired.

He loves pats and cuddles, fine with other cats and dogs. He may prefer a quieter house hold.


6 Months ~ Male

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